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2017-07-16 Petawawa Article

Our favourite whitewater writer Carmen Kuntz has written a fantastic piece about the Petawawa river and the Hell or High Water festival. Check it out at the NRS Duct Tape Diaries.

2017-05-13 Hell or High Water

We had super high water for this year's Hell or High Water festival, but Philip and the rest of the organising team did a great job of making it all happen. Thanks also to Brian at NRS for continuing to support this fantastic event.

The 2017 HOHW team

Photo: Gwyn Ashcroft

We also held the Canadian R4 Rafting Championships at the event. Thanks to the two ladies teams that came over from Quebec for the race! We will link to the final results as soon as they are available. Thanks to River Run for the loan of the rafts.

The Jaques Cartier Ladies team

Photo: Gwyn Ashcroft

Paddlers; Graham Ball, Jake Suchorab, Drew Sellen, Lars Romeskie, Gwyn Ashcroft, Bill Leslie

2017-04-20 Really high water on the Petawawa

We couldn't resist an early season run down the Petawawa river. It was sort of training for the upcoming Hell or High water race, but mainly we just wanted to have some fun. Check out how we got on...

2017-03-16 2017 Canadian Rafting Championships

We are planning on holding this year's R4 national championships and team selection alongside the Hell or High water festival. Registration will be the morning of the race.

This will be a great opportunity to showcase competitive rafting to a wider audience, and hopefully get some more teams enthusiastic enough to train and race.

The race format will be the same as the normal HOHW one - two runs down the course (5-10 minutes each), and placings decided using each team's best run time. To be eligible for the national championships, you need to be racing R4, and stick to the IRF rules concerning age and gender classes if that is what you are aiming for. Mixed teams will be in the Mens open competition, the more the merrier!

So that we can give the organisers some idea of how many teams to expect, it would be great if you could get in touch if you are thinking of coming to race. Thanks!

Good days on the river

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